Stay And Play In The Smokies winter magazine – Nov. ’12

Well, we have launched our second issue of Stay And Play In The Smokies Magazine… Our Holiday/Winter issue! A lot of hard work goes into each issue of the mag, bit this particular issue has a very special “message” or “theme”.
With multiple articles talking about the importance of shopping locally and western North Carolina’s “winter season”, our second magazine ever shows signs of significant importance to both the local citizen and visitor alike.
We had two main goals with this issue. First, we wanted to help,raise awareness about what kind of impact that shopping with our locally owned businesses have on or local economy by sharing stats like this one: “$68 out of every $100 spent locally stays within this community”.
We also wanted to start the conversation about western North Carolina’s winter season and how we can begin to market our small mountain communities as attractive getaways during our colder months. With the outdoor industry booming in America, WNC’s natural surroundings provide a perfect location for folks within a days drive to escape to for an exhilarating vacation in the mountains. Skiing, ice climbing, trout fishing, hiking and more can be taken advantage of during the winter months. Don’t care for the outdoors when it cold? Rent a rustic Smoky Mountain cabin with a hot tub or fireplace… Kick back and relax for a long weekend.
Pick up a copy of our magazine in the area, or if you’re outside of our area, contact us and we’ll send ya one.



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