Cash Mobs – Venture Local Franklin

Cash Mob.  Have you heard of this?  Well, we have and we’re pretty excited about the concept spreading to our small local communities in the Western North Carolina area.

If you’re unaware of this phenomenon happening throughout the country and beyond, we feel you will soon!

The concept.  Imagine a small locally owned business in your hometown or community you currently live in.  Think of your favorite business or one you are intrigued by but haven’t taken the time to stop into yet.  Now, get a group of friends from your area together (like-minded folks help) that you are in touch with via Social Media often.  After you’ve talked with your friends about the idea, convince them to open their wallets or purses and pull out a $20 bill and committing to spending it at your business of choice.  Finally, coordinate a date and time with the local business to do the cash mob (so they are aware and can prepare).

There are many variations of Cash Mobs going on all over the country.  Each town or community will have a different situation, but this concept is simple enough to work anywhere!!!

Locally to our area of NC, Venture Local Franklin has been talking about doing one and we’re anxious to see what they do with Franklin’s first Cash Mob!!!!

Here is a great resource to keep up with and check out for more info:  Cash Mobs


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