Western Carolina University’s new Chancellor | Dillsboro, NC new Mobile App

Dillsboro, NC’s mobile app ‘Launch Party’ helps introduce David Belcher as Western North Carolina University’s new Chancellor.

As part of a week-long celebration for David Belcher’s installation as the new Chancellor to Western North Carolina University, the town of Dillsboro, NC was kicking the week off with a ‘Launch Party’ for their brand new Mobile App for smartphones set for 5pm at the historic ‘Jarrett House.’

Pulling into Dillsboro, NC this Monday afternoon (I was driving in from Franklin, NC) I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed by the welcoming shade of PURPLE!  Wow.  The students and faculty of WCU have really outdone themselves with the decor throughout the towns of Dillsboro & Sylva.  What a fantastic partnership between University and Community that has, what looks to be, rejuvenated ‘purple pride’ in Jackson County.  Both towns (Dillsboro & Sylva – I went on into Sylva after driving through Dillsboro) are completely decorated in purple from street corner to store front, including the Jarret House and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  Impressive to say the least.  I must say… well done.

After chatting with local owner John Bubacz and grabbing a tasty cup of joe at his ‘Signature Brew Coffee Co.’ in downtown Sylva, 5pm was approaching rapidly so back to Dillsboro I go.  I met my friend and colleague Emily Breedlove at the entrance to the Jarret House and in we went.
We were immediately met with smiling faces and ‘hello, how are you’ greetings from students at WCU.  A great start.  Moving down the hall towards the back of the restaurant portion of the Jarret House, Emily and I enter the back dining room where the presentation for the mobile app was set up.  I turn and say to her, ‘looks like we’re in the right place’.  As I said that, I see a sharped dressed fellow walking towards us with a smile on his face.  He looks at us and says ‘I sure hope this is the right place, or I’m in trouble!’  Of course, it was the man-of-the-week himself, Chancellor David Belcher.  Emily and I continued on with introductions and began to network a little bit by sharing what we do with the Chancellor.  As we were chatting, I couldn’t help but notice what a pleasant guy David Belcher was.

Next, was the unveiling of the mobile app!  After a brief presentation by the development team, the Chancellor and his wife were the first two folks to download the mobile app via QR code.  Directly following the presentation, the large group that had gathered around were invited to hang around and enjoy some yummy refreshments, supplied by the town of Dillsboro Merchants Association.

It was a great ‘Launch Party’ indeed!  And I would like offer my congratulations to David Belcher,  Western Carolina University and to the town of Dillsboro, NC!  You have a beautiful partnership in the works, and I’m excited to see where it takes you both!

Western Carolina University's Chancellor David Belcher stands in front of the Dillsboro NC mobile app launch party


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