Nantahala Gorge – 2013 ICF World Freestyle Kayak Championships

Kayaking. Have you ever been? If so, have you been to Nantahala Gorge to experience the Nantahala River’s class II & III rapids? If not, you certainly should.
Well, now there is even more reason to visit the Wesser campus of the Nantahala Outdoor Center, or the “NOC”, on the Nantahala River. Recently, the NOC played a large role in attracting the ICF (International Canoe Federation) and their World Freestyle Kayaking Championships, along with the Smoky Mountain Host, Swain County TDA & Chamber of Commerce and a grant via the “Golden Leaf Foundation”.
Being named the host location for the 2013 ICF Championships isn’t the only great news for the Nantahala River. The river recently received somewhat of a face-lift; or should we say “bed-lift”?
At the end of 2011, a new “Wave Feature” was constructed on the river bed that will allow the world class kayakers, competing in the upcoming championships, to tweak and adjust the main rapid where the main attraction will be located for maximum performance conditions.
The Western North Carolina area will look to capitalize off of this event that hopes to attract upwards of 10,000 spectators.
For us, we will be throwing our support behind this event as much as possible. We feel that our unique location in the Southern Appalachians makes us attractive as an outdoor destination for enthusiasts coming from all over to enjoy their time in nature.
What do you think? Will you attend?


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