Winter in Western North Carolina… Mild & Wet or Cold & Icy?

Winter in Western North Carolina.
It’s the time of year when we all sit around looking to the sky wishing for those magical little dots of frozen crystals to fall into view.  The last few years for WNC weather have been great for snow lovers like me.  We have had significant amounts of snow fall (8-10 inches) at least a couple of times, each of the last few seasons. But, what will this year hold?

‘They’ say it will be a mild winter with rain and any chance at the frozen stuff will more likely be ice than snow. [Tangent warning: Do you ever wonder who ‘they’ are??  Amongst us mountain folk, we use ‘they’ for a lot of things… not to be vague or anything (haha)]  But seriously, all of the weather patterns are pointing to mild and wet, instead of cold and snowy.  If proven to be true, it will be unfortunate for this lover of snowboarding and whatever else I can get into when it snows.

So, how do you feel about it?  For me, I’m ready to hit the slopes (or yard/driveway).  
It’s time to shred. 



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